Keep Your Kids Active This Winter!

When the weather gets cold and the days are so short it can be difficult fitting in physical activity. It is so important that children continue exercising, even in the colder months for so many reasons! Here are some of the benefits of keeping your children active this winter.

  • Healthy. Physical activity helps reduce the risk of childhood obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It is important to instill healthy values in your children from a young age. Play in the snow, go skiing or snowboarding, take a hike, or go to a trampoline park.
  • Enjoy the outdoors. If you choose to do an outdoor activity with your children, it will increase the amount of Vitamin D in their bodies. Studies have shown that spending time outside leads to improved vision and better academic performance. Bring some bottles of Cide>>Road with you to quench your family’s thirst.
  • Quality family time. Engaging in exercise as a family will enable you to spend quality time together without distraction. Disconnect the electronics and create great family memories.
  • Get rid of cabin fever. We’ve all experienced the feeling of being stuck in the house for too long. Take your children outside and enjoy the fresh air. Try to make winter as enjoyable as possible, boost the endorphins, and have fun as a family with exercising.

Husband and wife duo Kevin Duffy and Hilary LaForge cofounded Cide>>Road in 2014, after taking a detour down a “side road” on a trip to Vermont. They stopped at a local general store that sold its own switchel mixture. After tasting it, Kevin developed his own unique switchel blends and Cide>>Road Organic Switchel was born. Cide>>Road is made up of all certified organic ingredients including the core to any switchel (apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and ginger), filtered water and cane syrup. It is currently available in three flavors – the Original Maple & Ginger, Blueberry and Cherry.