Organization Tips for 2017: Plan Your Year with Cide>>Road

The new year always leaves us wanting to be more organized. We invite you to sit down with your favorite flavor of Cide>>Road switchel and learn how to improve your organizational skills for 2017.

  • Manage your 2017 goals – Keep a journal. Throughout the day you’ll most likely be thinking of five different things at one time. The best way to organize your thoughts is by writing them down in a journal. This will not only help clear your mind, but you will be able to visually see everything and create action items to accomplish them.
  • Electronic Organization. How many times have you been searching for a document for a work meeting only to not find it in time? Eliminate this problem by naming and saving all of your documents the same way. A great suggestion is to include the date next to the title of the document so you remember when it was from. Next time, you’ll be able to quickly search for it using Control-F.

Husband and wife duo Kevin Duffy and Hilary LaForge cofounded Cide>>Road in 2014, after taking a detour down a “side road” on a trip to Vermont. They stopped at a local general store that sold its own switchel mixture. After tasting it, Kevin developed his own unique switchel blends and Cide>>Road Organic Switchel was born. Cide>>Road is made up of all certified organic ingredients including the core to any switchel (apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and ginger), filtered water and cane syrup. It is currently available in three flavors – the Original Maple & Ginger, Blueberry and Cherry.