What We’re Made Of

Our Care in the World

Superior Ingredients, Sustainable Packaging

We’re committed to using the highest quality of ingredients and the least impactful packaging we can find.

Healthy, Flavorful Ingredients

Organic and All-Natural

Being choosy with our ingredients means they are better for you the environment. Typically, organic farmers use more sustainable methods than their conventional counterparts. This protects the integrity of valuable soil while using natural pest deterrents rather than chemical pesticides.

Hemp Plant

Hemp Oil – CBD

The hemp oil extract we use is a broad spectrum, CBD-rich, micro-encapsulated extract from the flower and leafy portions of the hemp plant. The hemp is organically grown in Colorado and Oregon and processed into a water soluble emulsion (also known as micro-encapsulation) that ensures it remains evenly dispersed in our product and doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle or filling equipment. This micro-encapsulation process is the key to a high bioavailability, which means the CBD is more efficiently absorbed when you consume our products.

Our hemp extract is independently tested for contaminates and heavy metals prior to production of the nano-emulsion. Then the nano-emulsion is independently tested for quality and cannabinoid levels. After we produce our products, they are independently tested for biological contaminants and cannabinoid levels to ensure honest levels of CBD in each bottle.

Ginger Root


We taste tested about 10 different varieties of ginger when we formulated our switchel drinks in 2013. Most of them brought a tad too much spicy heat to the palate – but we pushed through and found the perfect one for our recipe. Our ginger has the perfect balance of spice and sweetness with a well-rounded flavor profile. And, keeping with our quality standards, it’s grown on certified organic farms in Peru and processed in a small-batch plant in Southern New Jersey.

Apple Orchard

Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s raw, unfiltered, organic and contains The Mother – everything you could ask for in an ACV. We taste-tested several organic brands from various manufacturers and selected ours based mostly on flavor profile. Ours is slightly sweet and a little smoother on the tongue than the ones that are widely available in health food stores.

ACV is made by crushing apples into a liquid called cider, which then naturally ferments. The yeast and bacteria, naturally present in the apples, begins to grow wildly as it consumes the sugar in the cider and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. Then, in a naturally occurring, secondary fermentation, acetic acid-forming bacteria further ferments the alcohol into vinegar. Now you have ACV.

Still curious? Read more about ACV in our FAQs

Maple Syrup Production

Maple Syrup

As Vermont natives, we know a thing or two about maple syrup – and of course, we went local. We’ve been buying pure maple syrup from Butternut Mountain Farms in Morrisville, Vermont since we started back in 2013. Maple syrup is a delicious, low-glycemic sweetener that’s full of beneficial compounds. Learn all about it here.

Earth-Friendly Packaging & Shipping

We are always trying to improve our commitment to quality ingredients and less impactful shipping and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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